Кто не знает чужих языков, не знает ничего о своем. Иоганн Вольфганг Гёте

ENGLISH FOR FUN (9-11 Forms)

13.02.2011г.                          Task 1.

Guess what country is it?

This country is the second largest in the world after Russia. It is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic. It has the longest unguarded border in the world. It is one of the most developed countries in the world. This country has the highest level of "quality of life"  and the highest "index of development of human potential" which includes not only level of life but personal safety, health of people and condition of environment. What country is it? 

The answer: It is ......

14.02.2011г.         Happy Valentines Day!

Do you know what love is? Read some thoughts of famous people about love.

Love is life... and if you miss love, you miss life. 
                                                                    Robert Frost 
Love isn't love until you give it away.
                                                    Michael W. Smith 

Here you can see the presentation "St. Valentine's Day" 
made by Slugina Marina (11A form)  


  Task 2

Read some Valentines. What words are missing there?

I hope that Valentine's Day
Will bring you lots of ______!
_____ think you're  extra-specially _____,
And so does everyone! 
 The words:

The answer: ____, ____.
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Желаю успехов! 

And now make the task http://www.englishteachers.ru/testonline?group=holidays&test=drag_hearts

20.02.2011г.                                         Task 3
This creature has lived in seas and oceans for 350 million years, and people think it is a dangerous predator. Its sense of smell is very keen. It detects blood from over 0,5 km away. It has a reputation for killing humans, yet fewer than 100 attacks a year are reported in the world, and most attacks don’t cause serious injuries. They don’t have enemies except other such creatures and humans, although dolphins can sometimes kill them.

predator – хищник

keen – острый

injuries – раны, ушибы   (shark)
02.03.11.                   Task 4 

This inventor was born in a little Russian town Murom. After the revolution he fled the country and settled in the USA. He is the inventor of television and is called the “father of television”. He got a lot of patents for inventions in the field of television and colour television.

He got many awards and in 1977 was elected in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Who is the “father of television”?
to flee – покидать, бежать

13.03.11.            Task 5         

You can’t but respect the people of this small country who have conquered 40% of their territory from the sea. They protected their land from the sea with dambs and turned it into futile soil.  

Attention, please!
We begin a new round! Lukyanov Stas is the winner of the first one. Who will be the next?

08.05.11.                                      Task №1

When the great British explorer Captain Cook reached the Australian coast, he asked the aborigine the name of the strange animal he had never seen before. The aborigine replied in his native language, "I don't know". Cook thought it was the name of this animal, and ever since the animal has this name. What animal do you think it was?