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среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.

Вы любите сказки? Тогда это сообщение для вас.

Всем вам с раннего детства знакомы сказки братьев Гримм. Это "Красная Шапочка", "Золушка" и другие. 
А давайте попробуем инсценировать их на английском языке.  Думаю, это будет интересно учащимся 6 и 7 классов. 
Прочитайте тексты сказок, обсудите в своей группе и выберите сказку для драматизации 

The Elves And The Shoemaker


His wife
First customer
Second customer with two children
Six elves

(A poor furnished room. The shoemaker is working and singing a song. His wife comes in)

Wife:                     Have you got any money today?
Shoemaker:         I am sorry but I spent the last penny on the leather. I've cut out a pair of shoes.
                              I   am going to make them tonight and tomorrow we'll get money for them. 
Wife:                     Tomorrow, always tomorrow. But what shall we eat today?
Shoemaker:        Don't you see that I work hard? What can I do if I get very little for my work?
Wife:                     You are right. You work hard/ It is late and you look very tired. 
                              Go to bed now and tomorrow you will get up early in the morning and 
                               make these shoes.
Shoemaker:          You are quite right. Let's go to bed. Tomorrow I will have to get up very early

(They go off. As soon as they leave the room one elf comes in and begin to make shies. When the shoes are ready he calls his friends)

1st elf:                    Come here, friends. Take a look at this pair of shoes. Do you like them
2nd elf:                   They are very nice.
3rd elf:                    I like them very much. 
4th elf:                     Who made these shoes?
1st elf:                     I did.
 5th elf:                    Why did you make these shoes? 
1st elf:                     I wanted to help the poor shoemaker. I wanted to make him happy. 
6th elf:                    That's good of you. 
1st elf:                     Now as my work is done, what shall I do?
2nd:                         Let's sing and dance.
4th, 5th elves:         Let's, let's do that.

(They sing and dance and then run away. In the morning the shoemaker and his wife come in the room.)

Shoemaker:   It's time to begin work. 
Wife:               Look, look . The shoes are ready.
Shoemaker:   Who made them?
Wife:               I  don't know.

(There is a knock at the door) 

Shoemaker:   Come in, please.
1st customer: Good morning! Are my shoes ready?
Wife:               Of course, they are.
1st customer:  Let me have a look at them. Oh, they look wonderful. They are very good. 
                         They are the best shoes I have ever seen. I'll buy them. How much do they cost?
Shoemaker:  30 shillings. 

Little Red Riding Hood (Красная шапочка)

Once upon a time there was a small girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She lived with her parents beside a deep, dark forest. In a cottage on the other side of the forest lived her grandmother. And in the deep, dark forest lived a big, bad wolf. "Grandmother's poorly," said Little Red Riding Hood's mother one day. "Please take her this cake. But don't stop on the way!"

So Little Red Riding Hood set off through the deep, dark forest. She looked all around. There wasn't a sound. Then who should she meet but the big, bed wolf. "Good day, my dear," growled the wolf with a big, bad smile. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to Grandmother's to take her a cake," replied Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf had a plan. "Wouldn't your grandmother like some of these flowers?" he smiled. "What a good idea," said Little Red Riding Hood. And she stopped to pick a big bunch. Meanwhile, the wolf sped ahead through the deep, dark forest. At last he arrived at grandmother's cottage.

"I'm HUNGRY," thought the big, bad wolf, licking his lips. And he knock-knock-knocked at the door.

"Hello, Grandmother," growled the wolf.

"It's Little Red Riding Hood."

"That sounds more like the big, bad wolf," thought Grandmother, and she crept quickly under the bed. The wolf went in. He looked all around, but there wasn't a sound. Then his tummy rumbled.

"No one's here," he grumbled. " Never mind. Little Red Riding Hood will be along soon." Quickly the wolf put on Grandmother's dressing gown and nightcap.

Then he hopped into bed and pretended to nap.

"Heh! Heh! Heh!" he snarled. "Little Red Riding Hood will never know it's me!"

Soon Little Red Riding Hood knock-knock-knocked at the door.

"Hello, Grandmother," she called. "It's Little Red Riding Hood."

"Come in, my dear," growled the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood opened the door.

"Oh, Grandmother!" she gasped…

"…What big ears you have!"

All the better to hear you with, my dear," growled the wolf.

"And Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see you with, my dear," growled the wolf.

"And Grandmother, what big teeth you have!"

"All the better to…GOBBLE YOU UP!" roared the wolf.

But as he leapt out of bed, Grandmother's nightcap flopped right over his head.

"Quick! Down here, dear!" whispered Grandmother, and she pulled Little Red Riding Hood under the bed.

Just then, a woodcutter passed by the cottage. He heard a growling and howling… and he dashed inside. With one SWISH! Of his axe he killed the big, bad wolf. The woodcutter looked all around. But there wasn't sound. And then…out crept Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother from under the bed. And Little Red Riding Hood said, "Mother was right. I'll never stop again on my way through the forest!"

 А вот еще один вариант сказки "Красная шапочка"
Читайте, выбирайте. 

Little Red Riding Hood

Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, Mother, Grandmother, Wolf, Hunter.

Little Red Riding Hood: My name is Little Red Riding Hood. I am  a small girl. I live in the country with my mother. She is kind.
Mother: My dear daughter today is your granny’s birthday. Take a cake, some apples and a bottle of milk. She will be happy.
Little Red Riding Hood: All right, mum.
Mother: Little Red Riding Hood, wear a white dress, a red cap, a yellow raincoat and brown shoes.
Little Red Riding Hood: Goodbye, mum!
Mother: See you, my dear!

Scene 2
(Little Red Riding Hood goes through the forest.)
Wolf: Hello, Little Red Riding Hood!
Little Red Riding Hood: Hi!
Wolf: I am fast, big and grey. I am angry and ugly. I am greedy and awful. I am bad- tempered. I am as hungry as a bear!
Little Red Riding Hood: I am not afraid for you. You are friendly, good- looking and cheerful.
Wolf: Where are you going to, my pretty girl?
 Little Red Riding Hood: I am going to my grandmother. It is your birthday today. I have a some presents for her. She is the kindest and nicest grandmother in the world.
Wolf: Where does she live?
Little Red Riding Hood: She live in a small house near the river.
Wolf: Goodbye, Little Red Riding Hood. I am faster than you.

Scene 3
(The Wolf comes into Grandmother’s house.)
Wolf: Good morning, dear Granny. I am glad to see you.
Grandmother: Good morning!
Wolf: How are you?
Grandmother: I am fine, thank you.
Wolf: Happy birthday to you! Granny, let’s play. Go to the next room and sit there. Then I will call you.
(Grandmother goes out. The Wolf puts on Grandmother’s cap and goes to her bed. Soon little Red Riding Hood comes into Grandmother’s house.)

Scene 4
Wolf: Who is there?
Little Red Riding Hood: It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood. Good morning, dear Granny. Many happy returns of the day!
Wolf: Sit down, please.
Little Red Riding Hood: Thank you! What big eyes you’ve got!
Wolf: To see you better, my dear!
Little Red Riding Hood: What big ears you’ve got!
Wolf: To hear you better, my dear!
Little Red Riding Hood: What sharp teeth you’ve got!
Wolf: To eat you up better, my dear!
(The Wolf jumps out of the bed and wants to catch Little Red Riding Hood.)
Little Red Riding Hood: Help me! Help me!
                                                                 Scene 5
(The Hunter and the Grandmother run into the room.)
Hunter: Don’t worry, I’ll help you!
Grandmother: Thank you very much.
Hunter: You are welcome.
Wolf: I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Little Red Riding Hood: That’s all right. You have a sense of humor.
(All characters sing a song.)
The more we are together, together, together.
The more we are together, the happier we are.
For my friend is your friend
And your friend is my is friend,
The more we are together, the happier we are

А это "Золушка"     Cinderella


Звездочет: Have you heard about Cinderella? Once upon the time there lived….
Открывается занавес. На сцене камин, бочка с кувшином, самовар, посуда
Звучит музыка. Золушка вытирает посуду, начинает танцевать и вдруг останавливается.
Золушка: How I want to go to the ball!
Кот спит. Выходят мыши и поют.
Мыши: We are brave, brave mice.
Золушка (услышала шум): Mice! Shhhhh! The cat is sleeping.
Золушка подходит к коту, гладит его и поет песню “Pretty Little Pussy Cat”, затем подметает пол, кот просыпается.
Кот: Mice! What are you doing? Come here! Let’s help our Cindy.
Кот подводит мышей к мешкам и заставляет их перебирать зерно.
Глашатай: The ball! Everyone to a ball! Our king is giving a ball! Everyone is welcome!
Выходит отец.
Отец: Cinderella, my dear daughter! Would you like to go to the ball?
Золушка: With pleasure!
Отец: You WILL go to the ball.
Мачеха: NO! NO, Cinderella! (отталкивает отца).My dear daughters, come with me! Cinderella! You will stay at home and clean the house. You must help your sisters get dressed for the ball!
Золушка: All right, dear stepmother!
Мачеха проверяет, как Золушка убрала комнату.
Первая дочь: Cinderella! You must brush my hair until it looks like silk!
Золушка: With pleasure!
Вторая дочь: Cinderella! You must polish my shoes until they shine like stars!
Золушка:Yes, dear sister!
Первая дочь: Cinderella! Would you like to go to the ball?
Золушка: I cannot go to the ball – you know that…
Вторая дочь: Youre right!
Первая дочь: Everybody would laugh to see Cinderella at the ball.
Сестры смеются. Золушка, заплакав, возвращается к камину и продолжает работать.
Мачеха поет песню”My daughters”.
Мачеха: My dear daughters let’s go to the ball.
Закрывается занавес.
Звучит волшебная музыка. Появляется фея.
Золушка: Ah! My dear Fairy Godmother! I haven’t got a dress!
Волшебница: Don’t worry! You will wear the prettiest dress! You will be the most beautiful one at the ball.
Песня феи. Выходит Золушка в красивом платье.
Паж: Dear Cinderella! I shall help you!  (держит хрустальные туфельки).
Золушка: Ah! Dear Fairy Godmother! Thank you! Thank you very much!
Волшебница: Cinderella! You must come back before midnight!
Бал. Звучит музыка.
Глашатай: Mr. Woodman and his family!
Отец, мачеха и дочери проходят мимо короля и королевы. Мачеха и дочери шепчутся.
Первая дочь: Mummy, mummy! The prince has looked at me 3 times.
Мачеха: OK!

Вторая дочь: Mummy, mummy! The prince has looked at me 5 times.
Мачеха: Wonderful!
Глашатай: A beautiful princess!
Как только Золушка появляется, музыка останавливается и все смотрят на нее.
Мачеха и дочери: (шепчутся) Look! Who is that beautiful girl? Who is she? (Вместе) How pretty she is!
Принц подходит к Золушке.
Принц: What’s your name? Where are you from?
Золушка: My name is Cindy.
Звучит песня «Love me tender”
Король: What’s the matter with our son.
Королева: I think he fell in love with that beautiful girl!
Первая дочь: Mummy, mummy! (Плачет) I wanted to be the princess.
Вторая дочь: I wanted to be the princes!
Мачеха: I will complain to the King! My dear daughters! Come with me!
You WILL be rich and happy. (Уходят).
Принц и Золушка подходят к королю и королеве.
Принц: Mummy! Daddy! I love this beautiful girl.

Звучит марш Мендельсона. Все торжественно уходят. Закрывается занавес.


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  1. Здравствуйте Ирина Игоревна! Спасибо за тексты! Но я прочитал только красную шапочку :)

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