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вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

Attention to 6th form students! You can write your own recipe here.

Do you like sandwiches? - Of course! 
Do you love pizza and chips? So does this monster!  
Learn about food and days of the week in this song.
What do you have for breakfast? 
Listen to John, Owen and Lily talk about what they have for breakfast.

Write your own recipe of a sandwich. We'll read them and choose the best one.
You should do it  untill 05.03.11.

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  1. 2 slices of bread
    1. Spread bread with mayonnaise
    2. Put cucumber slices
    3. Cut the chicken into slices and put on a cucumber
    4. Put the salad
    5. The top slice of bread close

  2. The Recipe of the preparation of the sandwich Goggle-eyed.
    We to be necessary:
    The Cheese, bun, pickled cucumber, mayonnaise, sausage, two tomatoes, sheet of the salad.
    The Preparation:
    1. Cut the bun on two parts.
    2. On lower part of bun to salve fine layer the mayonnaise.
    3. Overhand place the slice of the sausage.
    4. On sausage bonanza cheese.
    5. After, the sheet of the salad.
    6. Several annular cucumber put the pyramid.
    7. The Sheet of the salad.
    8. And cover the higher part of the bun, in which we beforehand were to do the holes for tomato, eye of the sandwich.
    Our sandwich ready! The Pleasing appetite!

  3. Ирина Игоревна, как Вы меня просили, я выкладываю тестовую картинку (будет ли она отображаться).

    Кликнуть по ссылке (или скопировать её в адресную строку). Рисовал сам :)

  4. Ирина Игоревна, я отвечаю на задание ENGLISH FOR FUN (6-7 Forms): He is
    Rual Engelbert Gravning Amundsen