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Do you know who was St. Valentine? Read some legends about him.

There are various popular and interesting legends of St Valentine's Day.
Feast of Lupercalia
           In ancient Roman Empire people organized a holiday on February 14 to honor Juno - the mythological Queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also regarded Juno as the Goddess of Women and Marriage. From the following day - February 15 started the Fertility Festival called the Feast of Lupercalia. This feast was organized to protect humans from wolves and to honor the Roman Gods of Agriculture - Lupercus and Faunus. Later, when Christianity spread some think this pagan festival became Valentine's Day.
Saint Valentine of Rome - I
According to one very popular legend, Valentine was a priest in Rome who married young couples against the emperor who believed that single young men made better soldiers.
 When Valentine's defiance was discovered by the Emperor, he was brutally beaten up and put to death on February 14, about 270 AD.
       Valentine was name a Saint after his death. By Middle Ages, Saint Valentine became popular as the patron saint of love and lovers in England and France.
Saint Valentine of Rome - II
There was another St. Valentine who was a good friend to children.
     Another famous legend on Saint Valentine states Valentine was an early Christian in Rome who was very popular amongst children. Valentine continued to practice his faith and refused to worship Roman Gods. This enraged Emperor Claudius II and he put Valentine into prison.
Valentine spent a year in prison. He was missed a lot by children. They began to toss loving notes and flowers between the bars of his cell window. To an extent, this legend may explain the tradition of exchanging notes and flowers on Valentine's Day.
Some scholars believe that during his stay in prison Valentine made friends with jailer's blind daughter who at times brought to him notes and flowers from children. Whenever, possible Valentine also replied to the notes. Days before his execution, Valentine prayed for the jailer's daughter and she regained her sight. Before his death, Valentine is also said to have written a farewell note for the jailer's daughter and signed it "From Your Valentine”. This expression is popular even till date.

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