Кто не знает чужих языков, не знает ничего о своем. Иоганн Вольфганг Гёте

воскресенье, 21 октября 2012 г.

Для учащихся 9-х классов!

Начинаем проект "Люблю тебя, наш край родной!"
Цель проекта: рассказать о нашем поселке на английском языке.
Формы презентации проекта: презентация Power Point, буклет, стенгазета и др.

Dergachi was founded in 1735. Formally a bird «dergach» lived here and gave the name to the village. In 1720 six tatar families settled near the river. Their village was named “Altata” that means “Six Fathers”. The climate is temperate. We often have severe winter frosts and very hot summers. There are rare rainfalls and in summer we have severe droughts ([draut] – засуха).
Nowadays there are 48 villages in our district. More than 40 nationalities live on the territory of our district.Over 5000 people of Dergachi took part in the Great Patriotic War and only 1141people came back. Six of them became the Heroes of the Soviet Union. In Dergachi there is a monument to soldiers. The church is one of the most beautiful places in our village. The present church was built in 1913 and was named after Michael Archangel.
 hundred people died during the war. In Dergachi there is a monument to soldiers.
I like my home village and I am very interested in its history because my ancestors lived here and I should know my history

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